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Juniperus Chinensis “TWIST”

I usually create my bonsai starting from the very beginning of a tree, so that I can feel free to reed it and interpret it. I like the idea of conceiving and making a bonsai from scratch. In this case instead I thought to make an exception and make myself a gift! In 2012 the company Franchi, where I work, imported this juniper. It is not a “noble” or more famous variety like itoigawa or kishu. Unlike these, the vegetation of this juniper, of which I do not know the variety, is lighter in colour while the needle is much larger and messy. .   I can be sure of something: it will be more difficult to create a dense and fluffy foliage like that of more valuable varieties. Despite this, the movements of the trunk and the twist between dead wood and the other veins attracted my attention right away. It was for this reason I decided to buy this tree. In April 2012 the juniper had a super thick foliage. In a rectangular vase suitable for a cascading style, the juniper was positioned with the trunk horizontally and with an inclination that did not emphasize the beautiful movement. […]

Phoenician juniper – Juniperus Phoenicia

This Phoenician juniper became part of my collection in June this year, after a dear friend decided to part with it. Not having a juniper of this variety and being a plant in an advanced state of cultivation I couldn’t resist the possibility of having it in my garden. In fact the plant is very interesting with abundant areas of dead wood and veins starting to swell. The natural movements and those created with the folds make it very interesting and dynamic. Over the years an intense work has been done to contain the vegetation that can only be done with continuous pinching. Here is the Phoenician before the works:: Front / back   Right side/Left side   Some details:     After assessing the perfect state of health, it’s time to work on it. In this long work I will always have the precious help of Andrea, a very dear friend of mine. The first thing we do is a careful cleaning of the bark and vegetation. It is thus highlighted the beautiful colour of juniper in addition to all the movements often hidden by a bark too thick. I do not deny that I was very fascinated by […]

Baby Cupressus Sempervirens THE “CIPRESSINO”.

The story of a small cypress tree:     2008 – the plant is grown freely      

KOKUFU-TEN 2018 – The Shohin display

All photos of Shoin display exhibited at the 92nd KOKUFU BONSAI EXHIBITION 2018 held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum in February 2018.   Display n°1     Display n°2     Display n°3     Display n°4     Display n°5     Display n°6     Display n°7     Display n°9

KOKUFU-TEN 2018 – part 2

All photos of the trees exhibited at the 92nd KOKUFU BONSAI EXHIBITION 2018 during the second part of the exhibition held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum from 13 to 16 February 2018.

KOKUFU-TEN 2018 – part 1

All photos of the trees exhibited at the 92nd KOKUFU BONSAI EXHIBITION 2018 during the first part of the exhibition held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum from 8 to 11 February 2018.