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Visiting “CHENG MEI CULTURE PARK” in Taiwan.

The incredible “Cheng Mei Culture Park”, a wonderful garden with ancient trees, bonsai, temples….and so much peace! 


Here we are at the 6th edition of the BONSAI NIGHT! Every year I am so happy to gather a small group of friends with whom to spend an entire night working on our bonsai. The idea is inspired by several factors: First of all the beauty of the night … cool and quiet … an atmosphere where I like to work on plants and be with friends. So I thought to combine the two things in a marathon night beginning at 9 pm  up to  7 am …. BONSAI NIGHT indeed! I am lucky enough to work with bonsai trees every day. This is my job! Every day I do my job with professionalism and commitment, but do not forget that bonsai is also my passion, my great love! The BONSAI NIGHT represents for me the moment when I return as a simple amateur, surrounded by friends with the same passion. At BONSAI NIGHT there are no professionals, instructors or students, just bonsai practitioners! The night becomes the occasion to have fun, to play with plants and friends … in a silence broken only by our laughs. I’m sorry I didn’t tell many people. Unfortunately, the workshop cannot accommodate […]

Visiting Mr. Chen Tsing Shing garden in Taiwan.

The incredible garden of Mr. Chen Tsing Shing in Taiwan!


This year I had the opportunity to visit the 21st edition of the exhibition of the Taiwanese Bonsai Association. An exhibition full of many bonsai and suiseki from all over the state of Taiwan. A very high level of the exhibition with special essences that we often do not see. Here is a roundup of some of the bonsai on display.      

HWA-FONG National Bonsai Exhibition TAIWAN: SHOINs

SHOINs on display at the 21st HWA-FONG National Bonsai Exhibition in TAIWAN 2016.                                                  

Juniperus Chinensis Var.Itoigawa

This Juniperus was imported by FRANCHI BONSAI in 2013. The bonsai was in excellent health condition but with an obvious lack of maintenance. The vegetation was abundant and the growth of recent years had closed any spacing between the pads. Front – Back     Left side – Right side      The thick vegetation, not allowing light and air to penetrate inside the foliage, had caused the drying up of the innermost branches. In these cases the first thing to do is the cleaning of the vegetation: elimination of dry and weak branches, replacement of apex, elimination of unnecessary twigs.   The detail of Takiagari highlights the living and the twisting dry veins. In addition to the vegetation, the bark and dry wood must also be cleaned. Here is the juniper after the vegetation has been cleaned.   I decide to proceed with the working of this bonsai during a demonstration at the “BONSAI & FRIENDS” in 2013. For the event I can count on the precious help of two dear friends: Michele Pacini and Giacomo Bellini.   The branches to be wired are many and the work focuses mainly on the reopening, alternation and definition of each branch. […]